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  • I am building an iOS app and I have done the following things in the web-based Apple Developer console: Created an app and App ID + Bundle ID for it Created a CSR, and then used that CSR to generate a Certificate for it Created a Provisioning Profile (referencing that Certificate) for it and downlo...

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  • Xreal has raised $60 million to build its business of making consumer augmented reality (AR) glasses.Read More

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  • Xpeng is often called the Chinese challenger to Tesla for its efforts to bring advanced driving capabilities to its electric vehicles. It’s now getting a step closer to its American counterpart as it gets rid of high-definition mapping in its XNGP assisted driving feature, its equivalent to Tesla F...

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  • SÃO PAULO, SP (FOLHAPRESS) O líder chinês, Xi Jinping, anunciou nesta sexta-feira (22) uma nova "relação estratégica bilateral" com o regime sírio comandado pelo ditador Bashar al-Assad, que visita Pequim com o objetivo de romper o isolamento diplomático imposto a Damasco desde o início da guerra c...

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  • Elon Musk-owned X, formerly Twitter, is shutting down its Circle feature — bringing an end to its glitchy history — The feature allowed users to share a post only with a set of people. It was the social network’s take on Instagram’s “Close Friends” feature. The company said the feature will go away ...

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  • Jul 17, 2023

    By Waqas South Korean Web3 Leader Xangle Joins Forces with US Firm Republic Crypto in Strategic Partnership. This is a post from HackRead.com Read the original post: Xangle and Republic Crypto Collaborate to Boost Asian Web3 Adoption

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  • I'm trying to set up Xcode Cloud in my existing project. Everything builds and archives fine locally. However, Xcode Cloud builds fail. For some reason, random files here and there cannot be accessed. I had the issue with my fonts, but after solving this problem with an embedded SPM, I have the sam...

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  • As one of the most highly anticipated first-person shooters in recent years, XDefiant is on the horizon and gamers are excited. It has been playtested by some of the best Call of Duty players in the world, and they’re incredibly impressed by it. It has every opportunity to steal the shooter limelig...

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  • The XFL and USFL now both have at least one season under their respective belts. Here's which one is currently leading in the battle to sport the premier spring football league.

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  • Here is what you need to know about Xabi Alonso's managerial career so far as Bayer Leverkusen prepare for a European semifinal.

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  • Image: Xiaomi Xiaomi has just announced a new Ultra variant of the Xiaomi 13 that features not one but four 50-megapixel cameras in its substantial rear camera bump. The Xiaomi 13 Ultra will be available in China this month but will eventually release in international markets, according to Lei Jun,...

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