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  • Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ) 2024 raised $2.5M for Doctors Without Borders despite declining viewership since 2017.Read More

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  • The space environment is harsh and full of extreme radiation. Scientists designing spacecraft and satellites need materials that can withstand these conditions.

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  • Curiosity Navigation Curiosity Mission Overview Where is Curiosity? Mission Updates Science Overview Instruments Highlights Exploration Goals News and Features Multimedia Curiosity Raw Images Mars Resources Mars Missions Mars Sample Return Mars Perseverance Rover Mars Curiosity Rover MAVEN Mars Rec...

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  • According to a recent Dealroom report on the Spanish tech ecosystem, the combined enterprise value of Spanish startups surpassed €100 billion in 2023. In the latest confirmation of this upward trend, Madrid-based VC fund Seaya has closed Seaya Andromeda, an ‘Article 9’ €300 million climate-tech fun...

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  • Image credit: Star Sports Network, Esports World Cup Indian sports broadcaster Star Sports Network has secured broadcasting rights for the Esports World Cup, a multi-title event organised by the Esports World Cup Foundation. As a result of the deal, the event will be streamed on the Star Sports You...

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  • Sautéed Onions You might not make a batch of sautéed onions as a stand-alone side dish like sautéed Brussels sprouts or sautéed… READ:Sautéed Onions

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  • We’re at a transitional moment in streaming — user growth is slowing and major players are looking to consolidate, but the long-promised dream of profitability finally seems within reach (especially if you’re Netflix). The perfect time, then, for The New York Times to interview many of the industry...

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  • I've decided to learn jokes in sign language. That way, I can guarantee no one's heard them before.

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  • O julgamento sobre a descriminalização do porte de maconha para uso pessoal foi retomado no Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF) no início da tarde desta quinta-feira (20) . A análise do caso havia sido interrompida em março deste ano, por conta de um pedido de vista feito pelo ministro Dias Toffoli. O p...

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  • Whether or not you’re into the artists, subjects, or the music, there is a voyeuristic and vicarious thrill in watching musicians, both in their professional setting and personal lives. Music documentary films and series are often worth the time, except when they’re not. Here are seven must-watch mu...

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  • Cosmic rays from distant stars and galaxies and solar energetic particles from the Sun bombard the moon's surface, and exposure to these particles can pose a risk to human health.

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  • Qred, a bank based in Sweden, states that it is raising the loan limit for small business owners. Customers can now apply for loans “up to 5 million SEK, an increase of 3 million SEK from the previous maximum amount.” The increase is part of... Read More

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