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    Die casting is a kind of pressure casting part. It is a mechanical die casting machine used by China Die Casting Factory to install the casting mold. Metals such as copper, zinc, aluminum or aluminum alloy heated to liquid...  more
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    The self-adhesive sticker printing is different from other products. Self-adhesive sticker printing is composed of several parts: surface material, adhesive and film material. The...  more
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    The cationic fabric have particularly strong adsorption on metal dyes, so they can be dyed at room temperature. (For example, real silk and polyester products must be dyed in order to make several...  more
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    With the rapid development of urban construction, garden lights and landscape lights are becoming more and more popular in the lighting industry. What are the differences between garden lights and landscape lights? The following solar lights manufacturer...  more
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    The intrinsic relationship between these technological factors and the properties, structure and morphology of polymers and plastic products will be shown through plastic products. It is of great significance to analyze these internal relations for...  more
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    Die Casting Manufacturer can be specifically used in construction, hardware, equipment, construction machinery and other large machinery, machine tools, ships, aerospace, automobiles, locomotives, electronics, computers,...  more
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    The amount of ink used is usually determined by the size of the graphic and text area of the label, which is designed by the customer, and there is little room for the print labels supplier to adjust. Therefore, how can...  more
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    Aluminum Corrugated Panel is also called corrugated aluminum panel, special-shaped aluminum panel, aluminum tile, etc. It is a product of deep processing of aluminum panels.

    The base...  more