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    According to the outdoor three-layer threading method, once the perspiration layer and the thermal insulation layer are solved, the entire system project will be completed as long as the outermost protective layer is fixed. The protective layer, as its...  more
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    Generally, the usable steel grade can be determined after balancing the service conditions, basic performance and relevant service experience of the Stainless Steel Composite Panel . In...  more
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    Galvanized Steel Composite Panel is a steel panel with a layer of zinc on its surface. Galvanizing is a common economic and effective antirust method, and about half of the world's...  more
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    (1) before the operation, attention should be paid to exhaust the air in the system, check the security filter regularly, and replace the filter element in time to prevent the filter element from breaking. when the pressure difference between the inlet...  more
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    When casting and rolling Aluminum Solid Panel , they will be affected by the temperature field. Once this happens, it will affect the quality of the panel. Do you know what are the main factors...  more
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    RO membrane (i.e. reverse osmosis membrane) is the most important Ro Spare Parts in the water purification machine. Ordinary tap water must be filtered by the RO membrane to become pure water. As...  more
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    The Daily Necessities Mould has six systems, and the guide system is set up to ensure that the moving mould and the fixed mould can be accurately centred when closing the mould. The guide...  more
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    Compared with ordinary chains, hollow pin chain naturally have their own uniqueness, so its manufacturing process requirements will be more stringent. But as long as you master the key points in each...  more
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    The process of partially coloring fabric with dye or paint to form patterns or patterns is called fabric printing. The production of Printing Pile Fabric generally includes four processes: screen...  more
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    At present, the application of Aluminum Winding Wire has greatly increased the consumption of aluminum winding wire with the acceleration of the pace of China's modern industrial construction and the rapid...  more